Tommy's Joynt is the Original Hof-Brau of San Francisco , and has become one of San Francisco's longest living institutions. We sit here at Van Ness and Geary, on Route 101, at the crossroads of the City. "Welcome Stranger" decals itself above our front doors, front doors that beg you to come inside and eat "Where Turkey is King."


While the City has been changing year after year, we remain steadfast in our opposition to change. We want things to remain the same because our founders established a reputation in San Francisco; a reputation that promises hot food and cold drink at a price that parries our atmosphere. Our atmosphere is like our food, no frills. Want lettuce on your sandwich? Better go to some fast-food shop because we actually want you to taste the meat we carve in front of your eyes. Want a fork to eat those lamb shanks with? Better get up and go get one by the cashier. Want green beans instead of mashed potatoes? Well, you better speak up because we move fast, so we can serve the people fast.


As the people work harder, time gets shorter, the Joynt provides a spot where you can hop in grab some brisket and hop out. Want to stay longer? Take your time; enjoy our large beer selection, our excellent bar, and a healthy platter of sliced, braised, or stewed meats.These men, our founders, children of the Great Depression, knew how to squeeze every farthing out of a penny. They developed an eatery, a joint, where you could eat like you had all the money in the U.S. Mint, but lived like a Polk street pauper. Our lean buffalo meat covering rice is served for under nine dollars because we spend our money on beef, not table servers who exist to screw up your delicious meal. See a line out the door? Don't rush off, in the time it takes to walk to another restaurant, get a table, and order from whatever teenager decided to show up at work that day, our long-term employees have served two dozen people.


Tommy's Joynt has been owned and operated by the Harris, Veprin, and Pollack triumvirate since 1947. Since 2000, the Veprin children and grandchildren have taken over full time operations. Whatever you may hear from your friends, cab drivers, and in-laws, the same people have owned Tommy's Joynt since it opened in 1947.

Tommy's Joynt 2014